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Summary of Continous Disclosure Policy

As a publicly listed Company, the Company has an obligation to ensure trading in its securities is conducted on a fair basis. The general continuous disclosure rules are contained in Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) Listing Rule 3.1.

The Company is obliged (subject to specific exceptions) to advise the ASX of any information that a reasonable person would except to have material effect on the price or value of EGL securities.

The failure to comply with ASX Listing Rule 3.1 is an offence under the Corporations Act. Thus the Company and its employees must comply with the law regarding continuous disclosure. Guidelines on Continuous Disclosure have been developed and approved by the Board to assist employees to comply with the spirit as well as the letter of the continuous disclosure laws

The Guidelines address the following matters:


a)    the law;

b)    general procedures for continuous disclosure reporting;

c)    specific issues in relation to continuous disclosures:

i)                 Company spokesperson and media enquiries;

ii)                private briefings/road shows;

iii)               review of draft analysts reports;

iv)              use of EGL website on the Internet; and

v)               ASX queries/market rumours.

All employees of the Company are required to abide by the ASX Continuous Disclosure Guidelines as amended from time to time.

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