Eneabba Gas Limited - Energy Generation for Regional Infrastructure in Western Australia

Eneabba Gas

Security Dealing Guidelines

The Group’s Code of Conduct obliges Directors, management and employees to comply with the Corporations Act and not to trade in shares while that person is in possession of information that is likely to affect the Company’s share price and has not yet been released to the market.  The policy applies equally to providing information of a similar nature to third parties or trading through a third party.

Directors intending to trade the Company’s securities would ordinarily consult with the Chairman before doing so to confirm that they are not in possession of undisclosed market sensitive information.

Where appropriate the Company will seek legal advice at the request of any Company insider wishing to trade in the Company’s securities.

This policy does not apply to issues of securities to which Company insiders would be entitled as part of a rights issue or to the exercise of options over shares within the specified exercise period.


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