Eneabba Gas Limited - Energy Generation for Regional Infrastructure in Western Australia

Eneabba Gas

Communications Policy

In accordance with ASX Corporate Governance Recommendation 6.1 the Board has established a communication policy.

The strategy is to ensure that all investors are to have equal and timely access to material information concerning the Company, including its financial position, performance, ownership and governance.  The Board has delegated the function of continuous disclosure under the ASX's Listing Rules to the Managing Director and the Company Secretary, to assess the type and requirements to be disclosed to ensure that the Company announcements are made in a timely manner, are factual, do not omit material information and are in compliance with the Listing Rules.

A Company website, will invite shareholders / investors who have registered their details with the Company to be given information by later broadcast after such information has been first released to the ASX.

Shareholders will be actively encouraged to attend and participate in general meetings which will be held in locations readily accessible to the majority of shareholders.

The Company Secretary will deal with any queries from shareholders, stockbrokers, analysts and specialist financial and banking individuals.  No analyst, stockbroker or financial adviser will be given any access to company information, until an approval for release by EGL is confirmed by the appropriate executive

The Chairman, Managing Director and Company Secretary shall each take responsibility to ensure that they are kept up-to-date with the status of public disclosure relating to EGL.  In regard to statements to the ASX/ASIC, only the Chairman, Managing Director or Company Secretary will sign these written communications, which shall not be released to the public until confirmation of receipt by the ASX/ASIC has been confirmed.

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