Eneabba Gas Limited - Energy Generation for Regional Infrastructure in Western Australia

Eneabba Gas

Code of Conduct Summary

The Company has established several policies comprising a "Code of Conduct" in accordance with ASX Corporate Governance Recommendations 3.1.

In order to ensure that the Company and its officers and employees conduct themselves in accordance with all legal requirements and high ethical standards, the Company has a policy Manual containing written policies, which are reviewed and updated as required.

The Board's policies require Directors and mangement to conduct themselves with the highest ethical standard, deal fairly and with good dignity with all customers, suppliers, competitors, employees and shareholders and at all times act within the law and with integrity and objectivity, actively promote compliance, striving at all times to enhance the reputation and performance of the Company.

The policies are summarised as follows:

  • Personal Behaviour:

    These policy cover the behaviour of Directors during Board Meetings and in other circumstances which might reflect, by association, on the Company.

  • Conflict of Interest:
    This policy obliges all directors and employees to report any personal interest or obligation which could conflict with the impartial performance of their duties, or which could create any doubt that decisions thay may make on behalf of the Company could be influenced by their personal interest. This policy includes transactions with related parties.
  • Confidentiality of Information:

    These policies cover access to and storage of Company information which is confidential and not in the public domain. It also provides for access to Company records for former directors.

  • Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action:

    The policy confirms the Company's policy of offering equal employment and promotional opportunities in an environment free of discrimination in all forms including sex, marital staus, disability, pregnancy, race, religious and political convictions, family responsibility, family status and age.

  • Gifts:

    This policy provides that directors and employees are not to give or accept gifts with a value in excess of $100 whether in cash or kind in relation to the business Group Companies without prior approval of their immediate supervisor. Approvals are logged and reported the Board periodically.


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