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Centauri 1 Power Station


The Centauri 1 Power station is proposed to be located near Dongara within the Shire of Irwin (Figure 1.1). The site is approximately 8 km east of the Dongara Township, with an area of up to 30 – 40 ha.

The site is located within a 1,878 ha land parcel that was purchased by wholly owned subsidiary, Eneabba Energy Pty Ltd.



The site of the proposed Centauri-1 Power Station was carefully chosen due its location and the existing surrounding infrastructure a main highway on one boundary, high speed fibre optic cable, power, rail and a major port some 65km from the site and a natural gas pipeline (APA Parmelia) running through the land. 

The Company has secured the following approvals in respect of the Cenatauri-1 Power Station:-

Generation Licence from the Economic Regulation Agency (valid to 11 March 2037) 

Works Approval from the Environmental Protection Agency (valid to 20 December 2015)

Approval to construct from the Shire of Irwin, secured in prior years and now subject to renewal. 

Eneabba is proposing to supply electricity to the South West Interconnected System (SWIS). The power station will operate at a continuous base load of 100 MW, with an additional buffer oversupply potential of 10 MW on demand. The total capacity of the station is expected to be 130 MW at peak temperature with a rating of 168 MW

Gas Supply

Eneabba has an interest in a number of nearby onshore Perth basin gas exploration permits that could potentially produce low cost feedstock for the Centauri-1 Power Station with minimal transportation costs. Refer to the Ocean Hill and EP 447 project pages for further information.

Further, gas could be sourced from producers in the Perth Basin or alternatively from Carnarvon Basin producers such as North West Shelf Gas, Apache, Santos, BHP Billiton. Further to this, natural gas could be supplied from the Parmelia Pipeline, which is located within the power station site or through the Dampier Bunbury Pipeline (via the Parmelia Pipeline).

A nearby gas storage facility, APA Group’s Mondarra facility, which is located approximately 11km from the power station site could be used as a buffer against gas supply interruptions.


Management continues to investigate options for development of this strategic piece of infrastructure in order to generate value for shareholders.

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